Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back to school!

Tomorrow is the first day of school for my kiddos. Friday we went to the elementary school to meet their teachers. Em is going into 5th grade this year & will have two teachers for the first time: one for science & math, another for reading/language arts & social studies. Neither of her teachers claims to give much homework (Em is thrilled); we will see how that plays itself out. Josh is a 2nd grader this year. His teacher is very kind & structured-a good combination for him, I hope. She has individual Apple laptops for each student as a result of a grant she wrote a couple of years ago. I'm sure he will enjoy those but he was drawn to the giant shelf of books in her classroom when we went in & he didn't want to leave!

Lizzy went to pick up her schedule a couple of weeks ago. She has three of the same teachers she had last year & one other that she started out with at the beginning of the year. So she is on relatively familiar ground. She did not get her first or second choice for one of her electives so instead of Guitar or Keyboarding she is taking Technology along with Band. (An aside: The switch to the bassoon did not last. She went to two weeks of band camp & actually played quite well, but just did not like it. So the band director was kind enough to let her switch back to the clarinet. Whew!) Her other subjects are Algebra 1, Earth Science, World Geography, & Language Arts. We got a call late Friday afternoon that her original schedule had been changed due to too many kids enrolled in her block of classes. Apparently they split some of the classes into two. Only one of her teachers was changed-Algebra-but that was not one she has had before. The letdown for her was that she had already found out which of her friends was in what class, etc. Now it has all changed. Ah, middle school drama!

Now I have to get back to filling out the yearly emergency information/student information/consent for emergency care/code of conduct acknowledgment forms. (I'm sure I've left something out & I'm sure the schools will let me know what it is.) I swear there has got to be a better way than to fill out these same forms every year-sometimes twice. But what do I know, right?