Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Big Idea(s)...linking love!

Good morning! I have some links to share:

Jason Gray is releasing a new CD in September, but you can listen to some of the new songs (for free!) on facebook or on myspace in the meantime. I am loving these tracks so much!

I read this post at the blog Holy Experience & was so spoke volumes to me. Actually much of what Ann Voskamp writes at that site is just amazing, so prepare to stay awhile...

Totally unrelated {as if the last 2 were related ;)} my kids were watching a Veggie Tales DVD the other day & they decided to play a game in the activity section afterwards. I couldn't find the exact game we played (it was on the Sheerluck Holmes DVD & if I tried to explain it you would probably be totally confused!) but I did find this link on the Big Idea site with lots of family activities. There are some for one parent, one child & others for large groups. Regardless, have fun, and explore the rest of the Big Idea site. There is a ton of stuff there!

Happy Wednesday!