Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mocha Club

One of my favorite bloggers, Annie, is in South Africa working with MochaClub.com. The reason for the trip? In Annie's words,

Most of our work will be in the township, Khayelitsha, outside of Cape Town. We will be constructing a Preschool Center/Sunday School for the mothers in the area who cannot afford to stay home with their children. This will allow the mothers to earn a living while having quality, free childcare for their children. We will also be spending time at the Living Hope Community Centre, which supports those infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS and Learn to Earn, a job-training program.

Annie is an amazing writer who can transport you with her words & help you feel right along with her. And the work the team is doing is phenomenal. Check it out. You can click on the button below or in the sidebar.