Tuesday, May 12, 2009


We have not had rain in approximately 20 days in this area. Yesterday I was out running errands & saw a helicopter that looked like a fire helicopter so I pulled over & took a picture with my camera phone. (Not the best image; I don't have an iPhone or anything fancy like that. But whatever.) I checked on the local radio news station & there was a fire southeast of us. Did not threaten any homes but knocked out electricity & closed part of a highway. When I got home later I found out there were fires in 2 other counties yesterday. One was sparked by lightning. While it is great to finally get some rain in the form of thunder storms, the lightning does brings the danger of starting fires this time of the year. The county I live in was devastated by a fire back in the late 90's & the effects can still be seen today. There are many areas where trees are all one height because everything was burned to the ground. A few places you can still see scorched-looking trees rising above brush. The house we live in has one 6-foot crepe myrtle & a 7- to 8-foot scrub oak in the back yard. Nothing in this area is any taller than that unless it was planted.
So. Please pray for rain for us. And for safety for our fire fighters. And also for those who might be affected by the smoke, because people who have asthma, chronic bronchitis, etc., suffer through these fires as well.
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