Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bring the Rain--response

Angie Smith wrote a beautiful post today. I posted a comment, but I wanted to add it here to remind myself of how I feel today. Read her post & the following comment might make sense. Or not. It doesn't matter. Just read it.

Angie~God has given you a gift to articulate the hearts of many of us. I would have loved to have written this this post because I have felt this way countless times. "God, I know you can handle the world & all, but what about my heart? I'm scared to tell anyone about me. Can You do it for me?" That was a child, a teenager, a scared young woman. It is me today. I have known & trusted God as long as I can remember anything. I count that an amazing gift. I have lived through an earthquake in a third-world country as a child, but I still have that feeling: Does my daily life matter to God? Now I live with bipolar 2 disorder, not knowing how I will feel & realizing that most of my dreams are not reachable. For what reason? Would I like it to go away? You bet. I know many of the the answers. I just don't get them. So I try to become like your Kate; like my precious children & just live in wonder at God.