Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Positive Post Tuesday

This idea comes via Annie Blogs: Write about something or somebody positive. Fairly simple, huh? Except where to start? See, I'm not really a writer. I just want to capture a few thoughts here & there. If you must know, I'm a mathematician. I think in equations & in logic. (I can't believe I just said that. Because now everything I write will inevitably sound completely illogical.) But I digress. Positively. So here goes:

In middle school I ran track along with lots of other girls. I was a good runner, but not great. Apparently something about my attitude (and maybe my running ability) showed my coach that I was willing to work a little harder than most, though, because one day after we all ran the bleachers, he said that everyone could head in except for me & one other girl. He told us to run 5 more laps before we went in. Most of the girls looked at us like, "What have YOU done?" but I knew that I had not done anything wrong. Completely the opposite, in fact. I knew that it was a compliment. My coach didn't have to say anything. He knew that he could ask me to go the extra distance without question. It felt good to know that someone saw that kind of potential & loyalty in me.

Not that I became a track star. Because I didn't. But that day I saw that I could work for work's sake; for the reward of knowing that I could try hard & feel good about it. It didn't matter that my peers thought I was nuts to keep running for what they thought was no good reason. Somebody whom I looked up to believed in me for that moment. What an amazing feeling for that 12 year-old girl.


Leslie said...

Oh, I love this idea!! Good post, thank you for sharing! :)