Saturday, January 31, 2009

Upward Basketball

The girls had Upward basketball today--Lizzie plays on a team & Emey cheers. Hubby coaches Lizzie's team & one of my nephews is on his team as well. It has been exciting to watch all the players & cheerleaders progress--this was their 3rd week of games. Lizzie actually took about 5 shots today as opposed to the 1 or 2 she took in her 1st game. She even got a little ticked at the end of the game when one of the guys on her team took a shot while she was more open than he was--AND she let him know it! (heh, heh) The best part for her has been the conditioning. She was so winded & red at the end of the 1st game; today she looked & sounded much better. I think she will be shocked during softball season at how much better her body responds, especially in running the bases.
Emey was absolutely adorable (as usual) cheering. She is the youngest & I think the smallest on her squad, but she keeps up really well. The memorization of the chants & movements is challenging her in a way she has not experienced either in school or in sports. Next week they are supposed to do a pom routine; I cannot WAIT to see it! Most important of all, Em is really enjoying herself. It shows all over her & I just love that. smile.