Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I know, I know. You would think that with a name like nutmeg, this blog would be about cooking. But it's not. Maybe someday an explanation will show up. But for now, it was the best I could come up with for a blog name. I don't necessarily work well under pressure. I used to. Like when I was in high school & I waited until the last minute to do a term paper & I cranked a final draft out the night before it was due. Those days are long gone, though. Now I am doing good to get through a day dressed, clean & half-way sane. (And that was only kind of a joke.)
I honestly don't know what this blog is going to be all about. I realize that there are a million of these in cyber space. I read about ten of them regularly. I am not, by nature, a writer. But I do have thoughts that I don't get a chance to share with anyone & maybe, just maybe I will connect with someone. I just hope that I won't have a nervous breakdown since I'm a bit thin-skinned & comments/no comments could kill me. I guess it will be an interesting experiment.


Spaz said...

Hi ya nugmet...nice to see you on the blog roll :~) Don't fret, you'll do a great job...just be you and enjoy writing whatever you want.

Looking forward to reading more...see ya around FB!