Thursday, January 29, 2009


I had a really fun dinner with my kids tonight. If you knew me you would know that having dinner together is a fairly rare event for us. Not something I'm proud of, but anyway... We didn't have anything amazingly great to eat, just baked potatoes with toppings, but the kids don't seem to mind what we have. They just enjoy sitting down together. We talked about school, mostly. Lizzie likes to tell me about school class-by-class. Emey loves the fact that she has privileges galore in her class. But tonight I wanted to talk about Joshie. He is a first-grader. And my son has 'issues' with anything that involves group activities/competition in which others can see his self-perceived failures. Usually this problem rears its ugly head during P.E. Someone will tell him he's no good at a game & rather than stick with the it, he will run off & hide. Or he will quit if he doesn't think a game is being played fairly. We have tried before to address this issue but he doesn't like to talk about it. Tonight I asked his sisters to tell him if they ever get made fun of at school (they do) & explain how they deal with it. Both girls said that they have learned not to take it seriously. They either turn it into a joke or ignore it. I honestly don't think those options had ever occurred to Joshie before. He seemed intrigued. I know that's not the end of this story, but it's a start.
After a few minutes of semi-serious discussion, the 'conversation' dissolved into general silliness, which generally reigns around here. And I'm glad of that. I enjoy my children.